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Wichita BizFest is sponsored by the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Friends University, Wichita Public Schools (USD 259), and the Kansas Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission (KHLAAC). During a four-day intensive training period, high school juniors and seniors in the Wichita Metropolitan area have the opportunity to learn a variety of life skills, leadership skills, and business techniques. Wichita BizFest focuses on helping students (a) turn hobbies and skills into profit-making ventures, (b) establish entrepreneurial and leadership goals, (c) create plans for business and life, and (d) become effective leaders and team players. Additionally, students learn the art of networking in business environments, identifying investment opportunities, implementing money management skills, and making public presentations. By attending Wichita BizFest, students gain entrepreneurial experience, economic literacy, improved skills in math, reading, writing and verbal communication and they gain workforce readiness. During the event, students have access to adult mentors, who help them create feasible business plans.

This event is free to all participants and includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Additionally, an agreement with USD 259 will allow students to miss classes for this event. Students who ride the bus will travel to and from Friends University on the weekdays of the event (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). For more information, contact the school district.


Approximately 50 junior and senior high school students will be selected to participate in Wichita BizFest. Academic success is not a requirement for the program. Participants from prior Wichita BizFests are not eligible but are encouraged to be mentors during the Wichita BizFest program.

Event Date: BizFest 2020 has been postponed. We will update you on our dates for 2021 soon.

Butler Community College- Andover Campus.
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Wichita BizFest Fast Facts.


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Wichita BizFest students will gain entrepreneurial experience, economic literacy, improved skills in math, reading, writing and verbal communication and workforce readiness. The availability of mentors also will assist students in future career planning. By participating in Wichita BizFest, each student becomes part of a Wichita BizFest Alumni group.


The top three winners at Wichita BizFest will receive scholarship dollars applicable to a college/university of their choice. Additional scholarship opportunities may be available through the program.


The Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will recognize contributors and sponsors throughout the course of the event. Students of learn about the companies, foundations, and organizations that have invested time and dollars to help them prepare for the future. The time to invest in Wichita’s young people is now.

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