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Revamping 20 years of service

We’re energized and excited to serve our Hispanic community. On January, 24th we celebrated the legacy of the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and our vision for the future.

To make the night more interesting, we had some interactive questions around the room and we want to share some of the answers that were shared:

What are you working on in your business this year that the WHCC may be able to help you with?

  • Connections

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • Resources

How would you like to get involved with our chamber?

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Networking

  • Membership

What would you love to see happen in the Hispanic business community in 2023?

  • Highlighting Latina businesses

  • Promoting and supporting new and future businesses

  • Mentor future entrepreneurs

  • Unity

How can the WHCC be more involved with the community?

  • Family events

  • Workshops

  • Work with different organizations

Revamping 20 years of Service was full of positive emotions and great conversations. We hope to continue this work with your support.




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